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In an industry where customer satisfaction is always the priority, we want you to hear what our clients are saying about us. 

"In November 2008, I purchased the 18th century Arneytown Tavern.  This structure is on the National Historic Register but has served as a residence for the last 125 years.  Harley & Sadie Grover did the best they could to maintain this important historical building which served as their home.  After their passing the tavern was placed on the market and I bought it and commenced restoration.  One of the first major structural problems was that the north wall of the house had a rotted sill which had caused the entire brick paned wall to move off the foundation by approximately 12 inches.  Other people were scared away by the serious structural problem, however, I knew the professional expertise of Myroncuk House Movers for years and I was confident that this company could fix this major problem.  As it turns out, I was right and Larry Myroncuk and his crew expertly lifted the house and placed it back on the foundation with a new sill".
     "The professional nature of this company, I suppose, is due to their decades of experience, however, simply put they are the best in their field."

    - James R. Durr

"Dear Mr. Myroncuk,
The Council of Proprietors has taken notice of the unusual service you have rendered the Colonial Burlington Foundation in relocating the Revell House in Burlington.  This building was the office of Thomas Revell, first clerk of the Council and it is one of Burlington's outstanding historic assets."
"We know that the job was done at considerable risk and we would like to compliment you as one of our public spirited citizens."
    - I. Snowden Haines Clerk

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"When we decided to go "go Green" and renovate our beach house we knew our wish list.  On the top of the list was the view and second was comfort.  We were fortunate to achieve both with the guidance and skill of Myroncuk House Movers.  It was completed beyond our expectations.  Raising a house is a complicated business and Larry Myroncuk makes it look like an easy feat.   We joke to this day that our little cape cod now a three level home with an elevator which was raised by a magician.  Not a day goes by that we dont appreciate his skill and great care.    Please feel free to contact us, and it would be our pleasure to show them our home.  We highly recommend Myroncuk House Movers."

    - Gene and Judy Ciarrocca
      Brighton Beach, Long Beach Island
      New Jersey 

"Dear Mr. Myroncuk
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding workmanship and effort you and your people put into the repairs of our Lodge.  Every member of the lodge, who has come into the lodge has been able to see the efforts of your work.  I have received several comments on the great job you and your people have done.  As a result of your efforts our lodge will be there for many years to come."
"It is businessmen like yourself who makes our area the best in New Jersey. Should you ever need our assistance please feel free to call upon us.  Again please except my thanks on behalf of every member of Pyramid Lodge."
    - Ronald R. Mayhue

      Worship Master
      Pyramid Lodge #92
      New Egypt, New Jersey