Owner Larry Myroncuk is personally involved with every job and is on location for every aspect of the project to ensure his customer's total satisfaction. ​

House Raising Services in Long Beach Township, NJ

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We Serve all of New Jersey.  Myroncuk House Movers will raise or move any house or structure, big or small:

Wood Framed Houses                Stone Houses
Commercial Buildings                 Historic Structures
Brick Houses                                     Apartment Buildings
Pole Barns                                           Block Houses

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We combine the newest
equipment and technology with years of knowledge and
experience to give our
customers outstanding service. ​
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Wood Framed Houses • Commercial Buildings • Brick Houses • Pole Barns •

Stone Houses • Historic Structures • Apartment Buildings • Block Houses

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Boasting three generations of experience, Myroncuk House Movers was established in 1946 by Frank Myroncuk.​

Providing services from the Highlands, to Long Beach Township, to Cape May, New Jersey, and Toms River, NJ

Experienced Home Elevation Contractors since 1946

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"The professional nature of this company, I suppose, is due to their decades of experience, however, simply put they are the best in their field."